EnMart Shipping Policy


Domestic Shipments
EnMart ships VIA FedEx and USPS. USPS is currently limited to orders shipping from Traverse City, MI that weigh less than 10 pounds. USPS orders will usually ship the day after the order is placed due to pickup times. Typically USPS orders take longer to receive than those shipping via Fedex, so factor in extended times into your delivery requirements and calculations, and remember, USPS DOES NOT HAVE GUARANTEED delivery times. FedEx does. Also, note that aerosols such as Sprayway products cannot be shipped via USPS or Fedex Express Air.

Certain larger heavier items or shipments in excess of 200 pounds may require shipment via Fedex Freight (common carrier).

EnMart will be happy to ship under your own customer shipping account upon request. If you would prefer to have your order shipped on your account, this request must be made when the original order is submitted. You will need to also enter in the name of the carrier and your shipper account number in the order notes section. All requests are subject to carrier availability, and depending on available pickup times and when the order was placed, may result in the order not shipping until the next day.

Be aware that once the package(s) leave(s) EnMart's hands, the care and handling of said package(s) are the responsibility of the carrier. Any complaints about the condition of the package(s) and/or contents when received should be directed to the carrier, not EnMart. Any damage claims must originate from the recipient of the damaged goods; EnMart cannot file a damage claim for the recipient. EnMart will provide whatever assistance is necessary to expedite the process. Other arrangements, such as re-shipment of damaged items, may be handled on an individual basis. EnMart is not liable for carrier caused damages or any associated shipping charges.

International Shipments
As a rule the EnMart web store no longer allows international shipments other than to U.S. Territories, Canada, and Mexico. If you are in a different country and wish to place an order with EnMart, you must contact us directly to make arrangements.

All international shipping charges generated by the EnMart store at the time an order is placed are only estimates. An EnMart customer service person will contact you for approval of actual shipping charges before your order is shipped. In some case the actual shipping charges may be more, in some cases less than what the store generates. In all cases, you are responsible for any additional customs duties and taxes that may be due.

EnMart also does NOT accept PayPal as a payment method for international orders - only valid credit cards are allowed. If you pay via PayPal for an order shipping out of the United States, your payment will be refunded and someone will contact you to obtain an alternate method of payment.

Address Corrections & Business vs. Residential
When choosing your shipping method, be sure to enter in the correct address, as well correctly choosing whether you have a business or residential address. Neither EnMart or Fedex decide whether your address is business or residential; this is determined by the U.S. Postal Service. If your address information is inaccurate, Fedex charges us extra fees above and beyond the shipping charges. Therefore, in such cases, Enmart reserves the right to charge an additional fee of up to $10 per package to recover these charges.

C.O.D. Shipments
EnMart no longer accepts C.O.D. as a method of shipping and payment.

How long will it take to process my order?
All orders placed by 2 p.m. EST for stock items will be shipped the same day. Even after 2 p.m., as long as Fedex hasn't picked up yet, we do our best to get it ready to ship the same day. Orders placed on Saturday, Sunday, and holidays for in stock goods will be shipped out the next business day. Non stock or custom items (for example, NTRANS, custom sublimated patches, blank patches, etc.) will be shipped based on the published turn around time for the particular product ordered.

Where will my order ship from?
Orders will ship from the warehouse nearest to the location to which the order is to go, if that warehouse has all the ordered items in stock. If not, orders will ship from the main warehouse, which is in Michigan. All orders for blanks will ship from the Michigan facility. All orders for Ntrans transfers will ship from the Georgia or the California facility. Sublimation goods currently either ship from the Michigan facility or drop ship from our suppliers.

What Will Shipping Costs Be?
EnMart shipping charges are based on current FedEx rates, fees, and surcharges, the weight of the product, and size of the box. The system automatically includes sufficient insurance for your order in with the shipping rate.

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